More is More (psi, 2006)

Nature/Culture (psi, 2009)

Beyond Civilized and Primitive (Dancing Wayang 2011)

Lifeblood (More is More, 2016)






"Mirrors of Infinity" from Lifeblood (2016)

Duo with Levy Lorenzo (percussion, electronics, composition)

Peter Evans Septet

 w/ Mazz Swift (violin), Sam Pluta (live electronics), Ron Stabinsky (piano, synth), Tom Blancarte (bass), Levy Lorenzo (percussion, live electronics) Jim Black (drums, electronics)

Rocket Science
 w/ Evan Parker (soprano and tenor saxophones), Sam Pluta (laptop), Craig Taborn (piano)

Pulverize the Sound
w/ Tim Dahl (electric bass) and Mike Pride (drums)

House Special
   w/ Sam Pluta (electronics), Levy Lorenzo (percussion, electronics), Paul Wilson (piano/synth), Kassa Overall (drums, electronics)

Live recording by David Adamcyk from the Stone, 2015. 



International Contemporary Ensemble -
performance of Marcos Balter's "Landscape of Fear"  with Ryan Muncy

Duo with Sam Pluta (live electronics)

Wet Ink Ensemble