As a leader

More is More (psi)
Nature/Culture (psi)
Beyond Civilized and Primitive (Dancing Wayang)





Zebulon Trio
     w/John Hébert (bass) and Kassa Overall (drums)
Zebulon (2013, more is more)

Peter Evans Quintet

 w/ Sam Pluta (live electronics), Ron Stabinsky (piano, synth), Tom Blancarte (bass), Jim Black (drums, live electronics)

Ghosts ( 2011, more is more)
Destination: Void (2014, more is more)

coming soon: Genesis (2016, more is more)

Collaborative groups

Rocket Science
       w/ Evan Parker (sax), Sam Pluta (laptop), Craig Taborn (piano)
Rocket Science (more is more)

Pulverize the Sound
w/ Tim Dahl (electric bass) and Mike Pride (drums)
Pulverize the Sound (Relative Pitch)

House Special
   w/ Sam Pluta (electronics), Levy Lorenzo (percussion, electronics), Paul Wilson (piano/synth), Kassa Overall (drums, electronics)

Live recording by David Adamcyk from the Stone, 2015. 



International Contemporary Ensemble -
performance of Marcos Balter's "Landscape of Fear"  with Ryan Muncy