Hey folks - lots of news and lots of movement around the world coming up...


1- solo at Market Hotel, Brooklyn NYC. This is a Todd P event and I will be offering a brief reprieve amidst Tim Dahl's Quintuple Trio (mick Barr, Colin Marston, Ava Mendoza, Brandon Seabrook, Kevin Hufnagel, Kevin Shea, Weasel, Shayna Dunkleman, Nandor, Oran Canfield, Evan Lipson, Shayna Dulberger, Johny Deblase)

3- Mostly Mozart Festival. Music by George Lewis, Coutney Bryan, Michael Pisaro and John Adamns. 7:30pm at the Gerald Lynch Theater - John Jay College NYC

10- duo with Levy Lorenzo @ Wonders of Nature, Williamsburg Brooklyn

11- Being & Becoming at Arete, Greenpoint Brooklyn. With Joel Ross (vibes), Nick Jozwiak (bass) and Savannah Grace Harris (drums)

22- solo at the METEO Festival in Mulhouse, France

25- Peter Evans Ensemble at the METEO Festival, Mulhouse France

31 - Being & Becoming @ the Sunview Luncheonette, Greenpoint Brooklyn. Brandon Lopez solo bass opens. 





15  Jazz art Sengawa with Ko Ishikawa -  sho &   Imanishi Kohsetsu- Koto
16  Jazz art Sengawa  -  solo

17 Apollo Peter Evans  Takashi Sugawa (bass)  Kevin McHugh(piano)  and Shun Ishiwaka (drums)

19 Shibuya Koendori Classics  
        PE solo
        + Koichi Makigami voice solo
        + John Russell guitar  Ståle Liavik Solberg   ds
20 Shibuya Koendori Classics
      Ned Rothenberg
      Kazuhisa Uchihashi
      Koichi Makigami  
      Tatsuya Yoshida

21 Takasaki, Tokyo MAKE A JAZZ NOISE
      Lauren Newton vocal +Heiri Kaenzig bass
      Peter Evans tp +  Ko Ishikawa(sho) + Imanishi Kohsetsu (koto)
      Koichi Makigami and Masaharu Sato featuring Sakata Akira

22 Monten hall Ryogoku, Tokyo
     with John Russell, guitar  Ståle Liavik Solberg , drums

24 Yugawara Jazz in Hinoki Hall at the Temple
with Ko Ishikawa & Imanishi Kohsetsu
+ Koichi Makigami and Masaharu Sato featuring Sakata Akira
+ Suga Dairo solo
+ Kit Downs pf  Paula Rae Gibson vo Fukumori ds

25 Kobe BIG APPLE 

w/ Kevin McHugh(p)+ local guest

w/ Kevin McHugh(p) + local guest

27 Kyoto Club METRO
w/ Kevin McHugh(p) Jyoji Saeada (bass) Koichi Makigami(voice)


Monday 10/1 gig Volstead with the Sunjae Lee trio
Tuesday 10/2 Masterclass, details TBA
Thursday 10/4 Gayat Art Hall:  1st set solo trumpet 2nd set duo cycle with Seungmin Cha and Woonjung Sim
Friday 10/5 Ghetto, improvised music combinations with Sunjae Lee and Co. 
Saturday 10/6 and Sunday 10/7 Seoul Forest Jazz Festival


More is More Records:  album release concerts at JACK in Brooklyn

20: Aaron Burnett: solo sax and electronics

      PE and Levy Lorenzo Duo

21: PE solo 

     Being & Becoming + special guest David Byrd-Marrow (french horn)

23: More is More Records Listening Party at Big Bar, 75 East 7th st NYC

30: Being & Becoming at the Jazz Gallery, NYC